Monday, 26 January 2015

A walk to Red Tarn

With the snow still on the fells and mild conditions approaching I decided to make a visit to Red Tarn. Number One Art Critic thought we were heading out for a quiet walk, not a true Winter Artic experience. We made out way up the snow covered fells, sometimes waist deep in places. The rescue helicopter was hovering above Helvellyn making you very aware of the dangers ahead.

With winds blowing strongly in our face all the way to the Tarn. I wondered if we may get some shelter there for a sandwich and quick sketch!

The Tarn was nearly fully frozen with temperatures feeling like -10 at least and the wind even stronger, no sketches were going to be done here. But what a stunning wild place to be. It was difficult enough just holding the camera still.

A group deciding to do Swirral Edge, not for us today we are here just for the views

We retreat back to the 'Hole in the wall' but still the wind is strong and snow clouds are rolling in.

Looking back down the valley towards St Sundays Crag, I love the light shinning though the clouds. 
We found the wall hidden in the snow drift and dug our way through.

Out of thee snow level and Ullswater  appeared bathed in Sunshine, Wow what an inspiring walk.

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