Friday, 23 January 2015

Painting en plein in the Lake District

The bag was packed with Acrylics not Watercolours hoping these would not freeze!
 Hot Chocolate was in the flask and many layers of clothes were added. I was ready. The car temperature gage flashed at 1 degrees. This was hard core painting, but what I love the most. I leapt out of the car and ran around getting the easel ready, found a handy trunk of tree for the palette and brushes to sit on and then just revelled in beautiful stunning scenery. Days like these stay with you for ages, seeing colours of pink, mauve and lilac, the peace and quiet and wildlife all go into a painting. I managed a couple of hours, the clouds kept rolling in over Blencathra and Sharp Edge. Suddenly it would be there bathed in sunshine and then Gone! The joy of en plein

Rolling clouds blocking my view!!

Painted on a peach primed canvas, don't worry I've not gone colour blind.
I doubt very much my June course will be as cold,
 I'm fingers crossed for 20 degrees and  Sunshine.
If you fancy painting en plein in the stunning and Inspiring Lake District
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