Friday, 30 January 2015

Stretching Watercolour paper

How to Stretch Watercolour paper

I'm often getting asked about stretching watercolour paper and I've heard many funny stories about how people have gone about this easy task. So here are a few tips.
To paint on watercolour paper without it lifting or laying in deep ridges you need to stretch paper before applying watercolour paint. Once stretched it should keep flat and tightly stretched making painting much easier.
1. Fill a sink with cold water, immerse the paper totally in the water for approx 2 to 4 minutes.

2. You will need a board  approx 1/2 inch thick, I find MDF board works well. 
You will need some Gumstrip which is bought in a roll.I have found that nothing but Gumstrip works. This brown tape comes on a roll and can be easily torn to the size you will need. Gumstrip has one side sticky and one side paper. The Sticky side is the one that we will dampen with a wet sponge.

3. Take the paper out of the water shake off the excess water. Lay the paper right side facing* on to the board. Dampen the Gumstrip sticky side, with a sponge and fasten down firmly, working one piece at a time working around the board.
4. Leave to dry overnight making sure the board is laid flat.
* Some makes of paper have a right and wrong side to paint on, to tell which is the correct side, hold the paper up to the light and look at a corner for the watermark embossed mark. Bockingford can be painted on both sides.

With your paper stretched your ready to start the Online Watercolour course

Or you can use a paper stretcher which I highly recommend

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