Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Online watercolour course three

 Project One
Alpine Mist.
Atmospheric mist and Pine trees and a little candle wax.

I'm delighted to share with you my new online watercolour course Three.
It's little different to the last two courses which mainly featured Lake District scenes.
It leads on with many new techniques with scenes from the Alps to Italian Lakes. 
Like the last two courses in watercolour all projects come with a sketch, colour tag, step by step photographs in a word document and personal feedback and extra tips.

A perfect holiday watercolour course, either to get you ready for a trip abroad or just to enjoy at home over the Summer.

 Project Two
Turquoise waters, Annecy
Masking fluid and tape and beautiful colours to mix with.

Project Three
French Doorway
Terracotta Pots, shadows and wonderful Geraniums

Project Four
Mont Blanc
A real classic mountain scene creating distance and drama with a few easy colours.

Project Five
Daisies and Buttercups in a Jam Jar
A still life with easy steps on painting glass and tonal Flowers.

Italian Village in Watercolours

Project Six
An Italian Village
From colourful buildings and reflections in  warm Italian waters, this final project has it all.

The Online Watercolour Three
Price £55.00 for Six projects, includes mixing tags, sketches and easy step by step and personal feedback with each individual project.

For beginners why not try Course One to get you started
See here For more information check

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