Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sunshine oil

Stage One
I had prepared some Arches Oil paper with an underbase of Pink and Orange. I decided on a high horizon line, quickly blocked in the background, I wanted to keep this loose. The Lake was then painted in with a few different shades of Blue getting darker into the foreground. I applied the paint negatively around by bathing beauty. Styled her hair and popped in some dark shadows in her legs and arm. She was then left overnight to relax.

Bella Donna
Stage Two
The lake was painted in blocking in the jetty at the same time. Skin tones were applied and her lovely floating white top. The Sunglasses caused a bit of a problem, but the basket was great fun. The hands and feet certainly kept me quiet and were chopped off a few times and started again.
I'm leaving her again to dry out for a few days, her yellow towel is wet through

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