Saturday, 5 July 2014

Cormet de Beautiful Roselend

I thought that Cormet Roselend would be a beautiful ride, and it did not let me down. To say truly stunning is more like it. We started in the pretty village of Beaufort, famous for cheese not like Wensleydale! With gradients ranging between 6 to 8% the going was shaded and not too hard.

Barrage Roselend soon came into view nestled into a pretty valley. Peaceful with wild Orchids and the famous Mahogany coloured Beaufort Cows above the turquoise lake.

Cycling round the lake was a joy, a brief look up to see the uphill above with the cormet another 7kms away.

We see the Col du Pre the hill on the left above the lake our next top after the Roselend.

I'm not in Yorkshire for the Tour, but been on the top of this gorgeous top on a sunny day is pretty special.

The scenery was stated to be like a Scottish glen and I can see why. Lovely quiet roads back to the Barrage.

The next obstacle was cycling across this mighty Barrage, I was surprised to see cars crossing but also slightly perturbed at the signs on the road declaring steep hairpin descents. But I still had to get to the top of the Col Pre.

Looking back to the road we had just cycled between the cliffs to the top of the Cormet.


A single attractive  track leads steeply up the 10% gradient that got me up out of the saddle. The scenery was occupying my mind, the blue sky above and just been able to cycle this magical ride.

Looking back down and having a little rest!

And down we go steeply round and round hairpin bends making our way down the step grassy slope back to Beaufort. I hope you enjoyed the cycle ride of Roselend, I certainly did.


Carol Blackburn said...

Looks like a very interesting ride.

Lakeland art said...

It was truly wonderful Carol.Hope you enjoyed the ride.