Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Painting boats at Annecy

 I do love to be beside water and find nothing more enjoyable than trying to capture it with paint.
At first I sketched in the entire view from the bench at Veyrier du Lac. I thought about what I wanted to see  on this blank piece of paper and it was not the entire view!! I then gently rubbed out all the pencil marks. Picked up the brush and  loaded it with paint and went boldly in with no marks to show me the way. Looking all the time at the boat in front, figuring out the light and colours ignoring people passing. You need full concentration for this style of painting. About forty minutes later I had my watercolour sketch, probably not correct but thoroughly enjoyable and fresh!

 Relaxing over a glass of wine and watching the sunset, I did think it was a shame the paints had been put away. The camera came into action and took some great shots. With the scene still fresh in my mind I dug out the Oils and started to paint the sunset scene.

Annecy Sunset painted in Oils on Board
Size 8 x 10 inches
For sale for more details See here

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