Sunday, 21 August 2011

Pocade Box goes fishing

The first outing of the Pochade box took place this morning. A trip down to the bottom of the Lake, well not exactly, maybe the southern end. This is where Nigel thought the pike would be lurking!! So he was armed with spinning rod, while I felt like Turner with my new equipment.After sorting out a tangled line, not a good start we soon relaxed I into painting and the fisherman into catching! I've not painted in Oils for about two years so it was quite a learning curve getting back into 'Fat over lean'. Missed not having any Winsor blue, but my new 'parchment white' did get some use. So what do I think to the the new box, well it performed very well, and is comfortable to carry.It really is amazing painting 'en plein' I saw a grebe, lots of ducks and nobody came over to offer advise on painting!
Oh you might wonder if we ate fish for tea tonight? Yes but Marks Spencer caught it, the top fisherman!
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