Friday, 12 August 2011

Top ten art books

Here is a list of my top ten art reference books, they are not in any order. They are all chosen for different reasons, I have all of them except for David Curtis Oils, which I'm hoping to get soon. Starting with the John's ! Sargent, I love his work and the Sargent Italy shows some beautiful Oils, Yardley's super watercolours that could only have been painted en plein, his use of tones are fantastic. Next comes Hammond with super Acrylic cafe scenes. Nita Engle is the only lady!! but I've already thought of another lady who will join the  top 20 list. Nita's work is very different to the gentlemans much looser and she demonstrates some great techniques to loosen your work. Trevor Chamberlain I love his loose watercolours and also his use of colour in Oils. Lake Artist Society book is not a demonstration book but a wonderful history of Lakeland artists to sit down with over a cup of tea and slice of cake on a wet day. Look forward to hearing any comments on my top ten

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Javaid Rana said...

Hi Jane, i saw your watercolor painting, it just dazzled me. I am an amateur watercolorist and love blogs,books,DVDs, and any simple word of advice..Thank you and i would continue following your blog..