Friday, 19 August 2011

Radio Cumbria listening to paint dry.

Here's a link to Radio Cumbria' listening to paint dry! I was so nervous, I managed to squeeze lemon yellow all over me, luckily the lake was close by to wash it off. But once we got going it was great fun, we had a few passers by have a go. Another painting holiday group wondered what was going on and gave suportive 'erms and ahhs'. I used only a few primary colours a touch of masking fluid on the posts, a waterspray and the old sponge made the trees look easy.

Have a giggle

Just checked the link and it starts at the beginning, If you don't want to listen to the full show, I'm on at about 1 hour 5 mins and again 1 hour 22 and I hour and 48 mins

I've been asked a few times about getting a Facebook page
if you fancy having a look here it is 

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