Friday, 5 August 2011

Copying artists work

Stage 2 Acrylic was applied first and then Pastel was applied on top, what I enjoy about this way of working most is leaving little glimses of bright acrylic shiwing through.

Nearly finished but not quite, I find it good to leave alone when I'm getting tired, and not keep working, even though it will be Monday before I can finish off.
I've had a couple of requests this week about other people copying my work and selling it. I find it a great honour for someone to want to copy my work,for personal use But not selling it under false pretenses. I personally love to be inspired and have a go at trying to capture it. I'm inspired when I go to exhibitions and galleries and see new colours and techniques but I like to put it into my own style.
Here is a link to a web site explaining more

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