Friday, 9 September 2011

Oils and Vitamin D

The Yellow Buoy painted in Oils
Size 12 x 10 inch

I've been a little quiet lately, I went and hurt my back, but after a little rest and some natural Vitamin D I feel loads better. I took my Pochade box with me and some Oils and did a few sketches and 'Yellow Buoy' above. What caught my interest was the colour of the water and the buoy gently bobbing. Painting en plein in Oils is a challenge but I find it so enjoyably tactile. The pochade was superb for ease I also think it would be excellent for Acrylics and water soluble Oils. It is such a joy to paint outdoors. I'm sitting here writing this blog and hoping the sun which is for casted to come and show it's face in Keswick, the paints are all ready for some outdoor fun. Will keep you informed on how it goes.
P.S I have an outdoor workshop 17th and 18th September based around Keswick with one place left.Just get in touch if you would like more details

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