Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Towards the Alps from Lago Maggiore

I painted this from lovely memories and a reference sketch while having a coffee.
The painting also has a little story, for some reason I couldn't stop looking at this simple view and wondering about the village in the distance. What was supposed to be a short cycle ride later that day turned into an epic ride, for me that it! Forty five miles later, trying to find the cycle route around Lake Maggiore without a map! we passed through this pretty village and with five minutes to spare caught the ferry back to Cannobio. And a big fat Ice cream sundae. I'm back in the English Lakes and struggling with painting. What to paint, Oils, Pastels or watercolours, where to go. But on opening my sketchbook the answer is there?
Take just the sketchbook and go and be inspired, I'll let you know where I get to.


Anonymous said...

This is my beloved small village!

jane ward said...

Lucky you it is a wonderful area.