Sunday, 3 July 2011

Lakeland art courses in Italy

Coffee time Italian style

What a fantastic week it's been, weather perfect, stunning views to paint around Lake Iseo and wonderful company. We have painted Pisogne, Sulzano, Monte Isole just to name a few and always with friendly Italians making kind comments about the masterpieces.A few things for me that makes painting at Lake Iseo very special is the unbeliveable warm welcome we get from the Rivalago and local trattoria's, stunning  colourful scenery wherever you turn and a truly relaxed atmosphere.greets us wherever we go. So because of that it seems silly not too return next year and share with you this amazing experience.

Sat 23rd  to 30th June 2012 Painting watercolours in Italy
Staying at the wonderful Rivalago
Price £1,050 and £895 for non painting partners
If you would like a brochure for more details,
just send me a email 

Painting at Rivalago

Apertivi with wonderful company

A truly spectacular sunset for the end of the Painting holiday.

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