Friday, 8 July 2011

The night of the storm

The storm had threatened all day, suddenly it built up dark threatening clouds above a deep emerald lake, swirling mist caught in mountain passes.Loud thunder clattered and lightening lite the dark sky. We watched it arriving from the lakeside with camera and video at hand. While campers tightened poles and quicky grabbed chairs and tables getting ready for the onslaught of mother nature! I could'nt stand watching any longer, the thunder was above and the rain was starting to fall.I raced back into the comforts of the van and watched poor campers try to keep dry and Nigel holding onto the canopy for dear life! So you may wonder what happened, well I did go out and give support to the canopy and felt the wind try to pick it up, while watching the waves come crashing over the small wall onto a poor tent full of four Chinese tourists.But luckily it lasted only 15 minutes and the only damage was four very wet tourists that packed up and went looking for the nearest hotel and my camera case that I forgot to pick up while dashing back to the van!
You may wonder how the painting is going well it's still all very Winsor Blue, Opera Rose and Lemon Yellow here. But most of all I see Blue!

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