Friday, 29 July 2011

Skiddaw in Watercolour

I wanted to do something special for Blogs 3rd birthday, so I painted a pictue, I have yet to bake the cake
Started  nice and early with everything set up outside, but unlike yesterday the sun was shinning strongly down on the paper. Not easy to paint in these conditions unfortunatly. Paper blindness and washes drying hard lines on the paper. So back indoors and up to my Ivory Tower. Now I was quite tickled pink( Opera of course) with how this painting came out. So I put it in full view for 'number one critic' to see when he walked through the door, in fact he nearly had to step over it!! But eyes were only for latest cricket score! Ummm does he know the sweat and thirst I have gone through. Why you say 'Thirst' well I forget to drink while painting!
So you may wonder what  'Number one critic' when he did finally looks at the painting blocking his way? 'I like Blue skies' How do I say sweetly it was the misty atmosphere and drama that caught my attention. without hitting him round the head with the frying pan!!

So before I get the frying pan out of the cupboard, I want to thank all fellow bloggers, artists, lovers of Italy, dog owners, Australian ladies and my Dad who all leave lovely and  positive comments, without you I would'nt do a blog
Here are the ingredients used for the painting

Here is a link to a great watercolour book, that shows some great techniques

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