Thursday, 28 July 2011

Circling clouds on Skiddaw

Sketchbook tales begins today, with a new shiny book bought fresh this morning from Heaton Cooper.Swirling mists had me hot footing it down to the Lake shore along with everyone else!
Where would I find a quiet suitable corner

Derwent Isle caught my attention, but I've sketched it many times, but not with these lovely yellow daisies in the foreground.

The swirling mist which I had spied earlier was now just sitting on top of some of the fells, perfect reflections of Friars Crag, again from a different angle.

Now this isn't a fantastic photo and it just shows how much more you see when sketching 'en plein' nor do you hear the shrieks of joy from people playing on the lake in a giant ball! Turner never had to cope with this, but maybe he did.

Circling clouds on Skiddaw 28th July 2011

It's Blogs 3rd Birthday tomorrow, I'll keep you posted on the celebrations and presents.

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