Monday, 11 April 2011

Best walking area in the world

 We parked at Seathwaite and started our walk to Lingmell, meeting Peter the farmer just about to let his Herdwicks out to graze, and has you can see they were keen to get out onto the fells. Peter asked where we were heading ' Up to Lingmell' was our keen answer, he scratched his head and asked' Why do you want to go all the way up there' my reply 'well to see the view' we left him shaking his head.

Walking from Seathwaite you come to the famous Stockley Bridge, this I think is my favourite bridge, the water is so clean,  pure and sparkles with many colours in the sunshine.

We walked up the 'Corridor route' with Lingmell on the right and Scafell Pike on the left a real classic Lakeland walk.

Catching my breath at the top and a quick sketch of Scafell, this really is a special place. Walking back down towards Seathwaite, we decided that 'this must be the best walking area in the World'


Christine's Arts said...

Beautiful! Thanks for posting all the wonderful pics. I love reading your blog.

Trevor Lingard said...

Hi Jane
Inspirational photos.
Makes me want to be there now.
Looking forward to your interpretations.

jane ward said...

Hi Christine and Trevor many thanks for the kind coments, I'm chuffed you enjoy the photo's