Thursday, 14 April 2011

Why Paint Outdoors?

Let me try and and tell you why I enjoy painting outdoors. It starts with the feel a place, sitting or standing and just having time to gaze, letting the eyes find interest in areas of light, colour, drama or even peaceful intimate corners. Then it's time to sketch a quick thumbnail is often all you need if time is the essence. Then the magic takes over lost in a world of beauty, concentration at the highest level, finishing with a sense of peace, if not always satisfaction.
I've checked the weather forecast for this weekend and whoop for joy it seems like it will be sunny and dry for the 1st outdoor painting weekend of the year, if you fancy coming along, I've got a couple of places left.
The photo above of Derwentwater is our first base camp of the weekend * Please note no camping is included*

1 comment:

Dave from Keswick said...

You've certainly picked a good weekend Jane, hope the painting went well.