Monday, 23 August 2010

Lakeside Latterns

It was a truly perfect evening in the Lakes last night, calm reflective waters, the sun setting slowly over the fells lighting up the ridges a great night for my brothers birthday BBQ. Born to a certain age we had to have Sausages and Burgers and birthday buns. With darkness falling the 'Latterns' came out not just a battery operated type but the clever ones you light and off they float up, and up into the evning sky!!

Been novices to these Lattern's we didnt read the instructions, we were so excited at this new creation.So we just lit the thing!
 Holding on until we got scared. Up it floated 6 feet, ooohs and aarhs,  then down it came landing gracefully 10 feet from us in the Lake.

It sat for a while glowing bright in the dark lake, and then all went dark! Now the 'Wardy's will not be beaten and so back into the Lake the Birthday boy went to collect his lattern.

Amazingly it lit again, and this time we hung or at least Simon did, exclaming that he could 'feel it wanting to go this time!!

And so it did, this time, with quite a crowd watching from the campsite, up, up and away, floating 30, 40 feet into the clear Lakeland sky before dropping again gracefully into the Lake!!!! Thank goodness not on anybody's tent!! But we were all ready with water just in case.

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Ruth said...

That is so beautiful:)

The lake is very beautiful...get painting :)