Thursday, 26 August 2010

Hound Dog

I had an idea last night to cycle round the lake, with paints stopping off at different stops to do quick sketches of things that inspire. I thought maybe six sketches, anyway only managed two, I had a late set off but no excuses. I will have to try again. So not in order!! here is the 2nd quick 15 minute sketch, it was the Haystacks that caught my eye here in Borrowdale.

I was asked the other day, whats it like when you are painting outdoors, do people come up and have a look? Well here I was quietly painting my two haystacks and when I next looked up here was a young lad trying to move them!!! Can you believe it!! I wanted to shout 'Hey up that's my prop'

The trusty bike above and Skiddaw watched over by a family of Ducks, they behaved themselves! I did hear a chap shouting for his dog 'ELVIS Come back boy' Maybe it was his Hound Dog!!!
Skiddaw a quick colour sketch

For all you Elvis fans

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Lisa M Griffin said...

lovely! it is amazing to paint outdoors. i sometimes paint from my sunroom as well and find that enjoyable too.
thanks for sharing.