Sunday, 1 August 2010

The new Chinese Bridge over the Derwent

Otter's Island, Abbots Bay  Grey skies and frequent showers but a lovely  place to stop for a picnic. This little Island is my favourite on  Derwentwater, now that is a question! Is an Island on Derwentwater, or in it? Anyway the waterlilies are out lining the route and the Heather is about to flower with lovely shades of pink.

I fancy coming back to this spot with the Acrylics and having a go, I've some new Daler Rowney's to try out.

This is the new Chinese bridge over the Derwent, looking towards Brown Slabs, the rock face on your left, if you look closely you can see someone climbing. I climbed this, only to find out I had quite a healthy fear of heights!! I've not been dangling on a piece of rope since.

This plaque is just before you cross this bridge, I think it's a lovely thought and wondered if it would give me the answer to my mysterious photo disappearances on Dashboard!

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