Sunday, 13 September 2009

Swirl How re vistited

Long may this fantastic weather last. We decided to walk up the Old Man of Coniston and Dow Crag on Friday. I can't believe it's the 1st wainwright we've done since the beginning of June, it's been a busy few months and also the weather has been a tad damp! Anyway with Brilliant blue skies we headed off towards Grasmere and took the up and over tiny back road to Coniston and then up onto the fell. It's quite a drive but with the sun shinning the Lakes looked quite supreme with the first glimpse of Autumn shades catching the sunshine. So Dow Crag was bagged 1st with quite an exhilarating craggy top and then onto Brim Fell. I did mutter along the path 'I didn't think it was this far' but with the sunshine and enjoying the fabulous scenery I trotted along. But after 30 minutes of walking the map came out and we were back on Swirl How, a hill we had visited about 3 months earlier and not meant for today! Oh well it was a nice day for a Big walk. Back along the track I trotted to Brim fell and then onto 'the old man'

Walking towards the summit of Dow Crag

Looking back towards Dow Crag

Coniston water from Dow Crag

Last up hill section 4th summit in one day Coniston old man.

From the top

While walking along, I often think of paintings and can suddenly get inspired. I have a workshop on Wednesday morning and think this will be great to demonstrate a real wet in wet a touch of sponging and sheep.

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