Wednesday, 30 September 2009

After the cloudburst.

Worked on this today, it's a full imperial size watercolour, so quite daunting when you start. Wish I didn't feel daunted, but I do!! It's been backwards and forwards to the sink, I wanted to get the feeling of rain over the hills, at one stage it looked like a deluge had hit Cumbria, I had to mop up the kitchen floor! The water bill and electricity bill will rocket if I carry on painting in this style!! I've an exhibition starting Friday 9th October at Moot Hall so feel that the pressures on with lots of work to do, to get ready.It's funny but I often want to paint what the weather is doing on that day.

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Trevor Lingard said...

Lovely watercolur Jane.
Good luck at Moot Hall. I am sure you will have success.