Monday, 28 September 2009

10 Watercolour tips for painting trees

Here am I sat painting trees last week beside the river bank.

1. Try using rigger brushes a couple of different sizes for twigs, branches and trunks.
2. Observe trees. Don't just think that you know what they look like.
3. Leave gaps for birds to fly through the foliage.
4. Use a sponge for leaves etc
5.Simplify don't paint ever leaf and branch.
6. I often have three mixes ready for foliage,a light watery, mid tone and strong darker tone.
7.Start at the bottom work your way up just like it would grow.
8. Make your own Greens with any Blue and Yellow mix, if it looks too artificial put a little red in
9.Take branches and trunks out with a damp brush to reveal light branches.
10.This is a Jane secret tip !When painting a Silver Birch or any tree really; remember to paint a shadow on the bark, that is if the suns shining!

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The Straggler said...

what an amazing insight....