Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Summer or Autumn?

Autumn is on it's way. I can see Walla Crag from the bedroom window, and for the last few weeks I've wanted to go up this tiny little mountain top to see the pink heather, it's lovely to see at this time of year. I wasn't sure if I'd missed it,with all the rain we've been having; but with a lovely evening and Walla Crag beckoning, off I went.
How do we know when the seasons are starting? Well for me brambles on bushes, bracken turning brown, the fells looking more Ochre than Green and oh yes what I saw today xmas cards!! can you believe it.A lovely Silver Birch near the top of Walla Crag with Bleaberry Fell in the distance, notice the Ochre fells.
A few I can never sicken of, the top of Walla looking towards Derwentwater and on to Bassenthwaite, with lovely pink heather in the foreground.

One of the things I love about Keswick and it's surrounding countryside, is that it is a wonderful playground for outdoor activities.Especially on warm sunny evenings, I met Kate about to take off from the top of the fell, rather her than me! Up, Up and away

I've painted a small oil before of cows bums, the light was beautiful and soft.


RichBos said...

Autumn's most definitely my favourite, I love it when the air changes. Hopefully it'll still be fresh and crisp when we come back for October.

d40 said...

I agree, I do love this time of the year. After warm days and clear nights the mist on the lake first thing in the morning is quite beautiful.