Saturday, 19 September 2009

Haystacks from Buttermere painted in mixed media

Started this painting on Tuesday, It's 'Fisher 400' glass paper, I've used this paper a few times but fancied having a play about. Fastened it down well, it was in for a bit of a ride. Acrylic wash on first, I let this dry and then started to get some pastels on. It responded lovely no buckling of paper, no loss of texture and grip. It is quite an abrasive paper and didn't mind the old toothbrush attack. It is a lovely paper to use.

Stage 1 Acrylic under base
Not quite sure if it's finished yet, it's still up on the easel.


The Straggler said...

good jawb, jane

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Looks done to me! It's gorgeous.

Theresa Evans said...

Gorgeous! It looks finished to me too ...that's how I love the Lakes but it rained for a whole week when I visited with my family in August!