Friday, 6 March 2015

Three paintings of three seasons.

I've had all three painting mediums out this week getting ready for an exhibition at Grasmere over the Easter Week. Monday started with watercolours taking a walk through an Autumn Wood. I used a very limited palette of colours to give the painting more drama and harmony.
Afternoon Stroll
Painted in Watercolours
For sale at Grasmere Exhibition.
Wednesday had me finishing an Oil I've been working on.
A reminder of a Summers day in Italy, quite enjoyable to paint on a lousy wet March day.
I used Williamsberg Oils for this study.
 My main aim was capturing the vivid Red Poppies swaying in the field, light on the trees and distance of the field without too much detail.
Italian Poppies
Painted in Oils
For sale.
Finally at the end of the week. The pastels came out and P400 pastel paper which I've not used for at least a year. And it seems like I have painted three seasons in a week!!!
 I've made a bit of a start but with quite a way still to go, on this scary ridge.
I'm hoping to capture Light, drama and thrilling atmosphere! All with pastels and great faith!!
A quick update on courses in Grasmere
May is fully booked
 Monday 22nd to 25th June and Monday 12thto 15th October  both have a few spaces including double or single en suite rooms for more details

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