Friday, 27 February 2015

How to paint a Lakeland stream with watercolour and pastel

Stage One Watercolours
I set myself and the Wednesday art group a real challenge
with this demonstration painting.
 A Lakeland stream with flowing water.
Starting with shades of Naples yellow with hints of Permanent Rose added, these were painted swiftly into the background and sky area. Ultramarine was added for shadows. Working with warmer and brighter shades into the middle ground. The wall was loosely painted in with Naples yellow and shadows of Ultramarine and Permanent Rose helped to give it structure. The white of the paper was left in many areas and touches of masking fluid helped to define the running water.
Many rocks were painted, maybe a few too many!
Along the way colours were added into the stream, Phlalo Green with touches of Ultramarine and Winsor Violet all helped to create a flash flood in the Borrowdale Valley!

Stage Two
I strengthened with stronger tones of colour tying to capture light and dark areas, but at the same time creating a running river. At this stage I started to add pastels. Mainly inscribe and a few Unison. Thinking along the lines of creating flecks of light in darker areas.

Stage Three
I worked into the background first, dragging the pastel on the side helped to achieve rough ground and scree areas in the Fells. A couple of trees helped with the direction of light and shadows. The old wall was bought to life with a few cream pastels for lighter areas that would catch the sun and a dark purple was used for shadows in the wall. Emeralds, aqua and soft blue greens all helped to show the direction of the water flow. Finishing with white pastel laid heavy in places to show the white foam catching the light.

Bubbling Stream, Seathwaite
Painted in Watercolour and Pastel
If you fancy a watercolour painting course in the Lake District
I have one organised from Monday 22nd to 25th June staying at the Glenthone, Grasmere
Each day we will be painting outdoors discovering beautiful areas of the Lake District just waiting to be painted. The price £395.00 per person staying in en suite accommodation with full board.
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