Friday, 13 March 2015

A painting challenge in Keswick

I'm enjoying watching Painting Challenge on BBC1 there are some things I find a little harsh and wonder if some of the students will ever paint again. It's fantastic to see people out in the field been challenged even by giant Chess pieces! It's great what you do learn from watching other artists work. I often find myself watching a total beginner with no ideas of rules, apply paint and something magical will happen. Painting is a challenge, it's not just a click of a button and a picture is taken.
A painting can be so simple with just a few marks of beautiful colour.

Dusk painted in Watercolours
I love the simplicity of this watercolour. Allowing the colours to merge together and using a limited palette to create a harmonizing peaceful scene.
Sitting beside the lake watching the peace!! is important for artists, and such a joy.

Just a few steps away another beautiful scene is beckoning to be painted. I love the tree shapes in this view and often sit and watch and listen to the birds on Lords Island. Again I think this shouts 'Get your watercolours at the ready'
What ingredients do you need to Create a painting
Atmosphere, Harmony, Composition, Light and the need to create!

Taking a photo, is an art though. I'm not sure I would win any awards, but I love this little fella framed in the tree.
If you fancy a day painting beside Derwentwater
either small group or one to one prices from £75.00
Gift vouchers  are available for presents.
Email for more details.

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