Thursday, 26 March 2015

Sharp Edge, Blencathra

Sharp Edge, Blencathra Stage One
Alfred Wainwright the famous Lakeland walker writes  'Sharp Edge is a rising crest of naked rock of sensational and spectacular appearance a breath taking wave carved in stone' I couldn't agree more!
We walked up Blencathra early in February, I did have my sketch book ready, but the wind was so strong I could barely hold the camera steady. I did spot a lone walker heading his way towards the ridge, a crazy idea on such a wild day.
But what a joy to come back and paint this dramatic spear of rock, with the sunlight accentuating it's ridges and shadows. I love to paint many different scenes that catch my eye, but a ridge like this really gives you something to get you teeth into!!!
The pastels have been brought out recently and having a break from them and re kindled my love for them. They are the dirty and messy to work with but can produce some super effects.
I worked on 'Sharp Edge' in quite a methodical approach applying the pastel colour directly on the paper with shapes and marks. With only blending happening in the clouds.

Sharp Edge, Blencathra
Painted in Pastels

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