Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Painting Spring Flowers in Watercolor

Spring is on it's way, which means lots of beautiful flowers to paint, time to
get the primary colours out. I love painting flowers, especially when you have a vase
of pretty blooms  next to you, they can be extremely  challenging!! But great fun
The problem I find is not getting enough tonal values and the colour Yellow is a prime example!
I do think it makes a good couple of hours watercolour practise. I applied washes with lots of water onto the Arches not paper. Clean water at all times, thought about colour complimentary and light next to dark.

First Tulips Watercolour
My online watercolour course is ideal for anyone wanting to learn techniques on
how to paint with watercolor, it covers many different scenes, colour mixing, tonal values and creating atmosphere to name just a few.
It can be completed anywhere and in your own time with lots of personal
 feedback to help you along the way.
Each course costs £55.00 and contains Six projects which include sketches, colour tags and a helpful material list.
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