Thursday, 19 February 2015

How to simply paint beautiful landscapes in watercolor

Blea Tarn painted in Watecolours
This painting features in the First Online Watercolour course. It's a lovely landscape scene with a limited warm Palette of colours. The mountains are painted simply but with atmosphere. Creating atmosphere is not always easy especially in watercolours, but I have a good fool poof way that enables you to start painting atmosphere.
 It's not something you can buy in a bottle from the Art Store!
The Trees are painted easily with a sponge, but this needs a few techniques to get it just right and of course we need the gaps in foliage for birds to fly through! and nest of course at this beautiful setting.
I'm an email away when you get stuck with colours or brushes or any positive feedback.

I've designed the course for anyone, who loves to paint. I've had students from America, Italy, Canada, Australia and even Ambleside!
 With ages from a keen thirteen to a fun and inspiring eighty five.
Some people take a few weeks and some a few years

We use not just brushes to paint a scene, palette knifes, credit cards and wax all help to create a colourful journey

Reflections are simply brushed in, you will be amazed at what you can achieve.
If you would like to sign up for the course or know someone that has a creative ambition that needs a helping hand, send me an email to get started or for more information
Online Watercolor Course
Six projects, sketches, colour tags, material list and Personal feedback
Price £55

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