Sunday, 15 June 2014

Criterium du dauphine

With the last stage of Criterium du Dauphine just a few miles away what a super way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
We parked the van at the bottom of the hill and walked up the col for about a mile the sun was out with dark clouds overhead threatening a storm. We sat under the apple and cherry trees with happy families picnicking waiting for the race to pass by. It was nothing like the Tour de France with no colourful pomp or overhead helicopters. Police on motor bikes clearing the road announced that the riders were on their way.

The leading pack a few minutes ahead.

The main peleton with Sky leading the way, the excitement of the moment is so uplifting

Getting so close to the riders going by,we are looking for the yellow jersey of Contador and Chris Froome wearing Green. What other sporting event is like this, you can cycle the route and shout so loud that the voice is croaky and be just a few feet for the cyclists that whizz by. For anyone who is thinking about watching the Tour de France in Yorkshire all I can say is it will be totally magical.

So pleased with this shot of Chris Froome, I didn't think I'd get this close.

And I nearly caught Contador but he sneaked by, if you look closely you can see the yellow jersey near the apple tree on the left. The lady in Blue is also pointing to the Yellow jersey, I'm sure she's telling her husband he's pointing the camera in the wrong direction.

The paints went to but there wasn't time for them to get some action, but I am inspired to paint.

P.S Froome didn't win today, nor did Contador but he sure raced trying. The winner of today's dramatic race was Sky Mikel Nieve 

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