Friday, 6 June 2014

Col de Romme

Col de Romme a promising difficult ride, I was told and one of the hardiest Cols in Haute Savoie area. 
Why did this then not ring a few Alarm bells! The first kilometer marker gave us a steady 11% start and I knew this was not the only 11% to the top a brief 7% through the pretty village of Nancy sur Cluses.

Puffing and panting even jumping off the bike for a respite from the attack of this beautiful yet cruel Col. Shaking my head wondering why I was attempting this arduous cycle ride. Passing hairpin bends full of gently grazing Beaufort Cows, fields full of Golden Yellow Buttercups, and hills and pastures that just need a little of Julie Andrews company 'The hills are alive ..........

The tour de France in 2009 made its way the first time up this amazing Col but I am positive the speed was faster and the atmosphere amazing.

Here is the bike at the top I am lying in the field recovering surrounded by the Golden Buttercups getting ready for the descent. I'm getting to be a real connisieur of tarmac and the route down was wonderful smooth tarmac with barely any potholes. 

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