Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Lac Montriod revisited

We visited Lac Montriod over the weekend, it was Summer when we were last at this beautiful Lake.
It's hard to believe in tee-shirts and enjoying painting with a group of intrepid artists, but today I had problems stopping my hair from freezing, so I knew there was no way the watercolour would ever dry and we had no Gin!

The light was unbelievable, with a soft blue icy haze over the Lake

No ice skating on the lake, not sure what this little paw prints are?

Looking back down the Lake, no fisherman today.

Nor outdoor coffee, but the roaring fire inside sure looked inviting.

I forgot to mention how deep the snow was, the Chimney pot does help to show you.


It really was so pretty walking along with the snow falling from the trees above, I was asked this week if I was sick of painting snow!

I did expect to see an Emerald lake again, with snow covered mountains, the soft blue mist was something special though. I didn't get the paints out, but walking along my head was buzzing with lots of painting ideas.

If you fancy a week painting Watercolours  in the French Alps
Saturday 31st August to 6th September 2014
When the lake is sparkling Emerald and Summer flowers are all in bloom.
I have some places still available suitable for beginners and Intermediates 
Transfers from Geneva airport
Price £995.00

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