Saturday, 1 March 2014

Challenges of painting and skiing

Sixt from Samoens painted in Watercolours.
For Sale Size 19 x 12 inches

This has been my view for the last few weeks, when the sun came out and it was warm enough to paint outdoors I had to give it a link of paint. I find Painting the view 'en plein' so much more rewarding. 
I study so much more and try and figure out how to achieve on paper what I see. 
Later I realise it's more about the feeling and atmosphere. 
I had a little Tree fear but with the help of masking fluid, a water spray and a palette knife in hand it became an exciting and challenging part of the scene, with lots to learn.

The Pink Shutter house in Sixt

It's been French and English School holidays so the slopes have been a bit mad. My skiing is coming on, but what is more worrying is the out of control people around you. And with colourful  skiers jostling for space the quiet pistes of Sixt looked more than appealing.

This is a day later about Four miles away, the slopes and chairlift all to yourselves.
The slope above was my first 'powder' I think this is the technical term. 
Great fun thanks to Chris and Allie and a wonderful typical mountain chalet perched on the edge 
serving homemade soup with a great big slab of Cheese

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