Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Leisure Painter Mont Blanc

I'm delighted to see my article this month in the Leisure Painter magazine. 
This is part One, which explains my ideas for pulling a painting together, from the moment I'm inspired, quick outdoor sketches and then composition and colour mixing ideas in the studio. Painting in the Alps is a dream come true and been able to share this on my blog and also in Leisure Painter is really good.
I'm not sure why I have such a fascination with high Mountain peaks, but when you see the mist open, it's like watching something magical appear from behind the stage curtains. 

Maybe it's been outdoors at one with the elements.

But saying all of this, if you had seen me yesterday coming down a black non piste ski run. I was not totally at one with the snowy mountain peak, but after sliding down in a very Bridget Jones fashion I'm here in one piece to share this with you. There was certainly no sketches and not photographs of Aigle Noir and I'm not planning on returning to this painting location. I've decided I'm definitely a Cobalt Blue and Cadmium Red ski painter, I've never had black in my palette!

Well done Mum for taking the photo, the joys of technology on the Internet.

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