Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Winter Morning, Samoens painted in Gouache

I've wanted to paint this little scene for ages, and with just two days left at Bonamour chalet, the paints quickly came out early this morning. I choose warm Ochre Murano Pastel paper, stretching it first and then painting on the smooth side.I used a very limited palette of Gouache paints, limited because I only have a few colours!
 What I wanted to capture: the bright light and the Mauve shadows on the roof tops , Winter trees parting their branches to reveal the small town of Samoens below and finishing with the sparkling snow in the foreground casting shadows. I managed to paint a little of this outside in sub zero conditions, but  in the  sunshine. I'm trying out this technique because I think it could be ideal for some real Winter conditions in the New Year.

Colour Sketch Winter Morning, Samoens

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