Wednesday, 18 December 2013

My top ten paintings 2013

 Here are the first five of my top ten paintings from this years time in the Alps.
 I've loved painting a different landscape with new views that opened my eyes to new ideas and it's fantastic hearing lovely comments and positive vibes along the way. Thank you

'Blossom Chez Nous' painted in Watercolours
We had just arrived in the Alps, there was Blossom on nearly every tree and carpets of Golden Yellow Dandelions. I wanted to capture a sunny Spring day.

Sunshine Meadow, Samoens painted in watercolours
I painted this en plein with a friend over two afternoons,we watched and painted the thunder and lightening from under the Umbrella, while poor Alison wondered were we even safe, but we came back when the weather broke and finished our paintings.

Maglio Rosso, Giro d' Italia painted in watercolours

Seeing Mark Cavendish wearing the Maglio Rosso jersey on the side of an Italian road and watching the peleton race by  filled me with so much inspiration. I had never painted a cyclist before, but negative thoughts never even came to mind.

Floating painted in watercolours

Swimming in Lac Annecy and sitting on this old jetty on a hot August day was all it needed.

Lac Montriod painted in watercolours

A twenty minute stop while walking round the lake, spent with fellow artists. We quickly got the paints out and just enjoyed the peace and beauty of this lovely lake

The last five will follow tomorrow

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