Friday, 6 December 2013

Painting in the Snow

We have just a few days left at Chalet Bonamour, I've loved ever minute living here watching the changing seasons all from the balcony. And of course trying to capture it on paper or canvas. You may have noticed I've painted this little wood a few times, It's a hard one!!! There's been lots of rubbing of the head and thinking I'm going to scrap it, but it keeps grabbing my attention. The sun popped out for a few hours today, so out came the easel, well it's actually, a pochade box on an tripod. I started this canvas a few weeks ago and would like to finish it sometime!! Notice the snow, I know I'm painting  Autumn leaves, the imagination melted the snow in front of me! And the puffer jacket kept me warm, I do love painting outside, with the inspiration just there in front of you, giving ideas and showing hints of light.

Still not finished! I will post it again when 'the fat lady is finally singing' The perfect gift for an aspiring artist.

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