Saturday, 21 December 2013

My five favourite paintings 2013

Here are my top five favourite paintings from this year. All chosen for special reasons 

Peas from Provence fresh from Samoens Market
I love going down to the market each Wednesday, seeing what is on offer and all mainly what is in season, the stalls are prepared like works of art and the smells so enticing.

Daisies and Buttercups

I painted a jar of wild flowers five days on the trot, all very different having positive and some negative issues. Sitting in the shade, trying to capture the delicate and bright hues was truly delightful. 

Polka Dot Jersey

Watching the tour de France was an amazing spectacle, the bright colours of the jerseys flashing by. We watched it over two days one very wet and stormy on Croix Fry and a beautiful sunny start from Annecy, the Polka Dot jersey was painted from this.

Sunshine Mooring

Getting the Oils out and figuring out this intimate scene, challenged me. The reflections of the rowing boats, in the clear Lake Iseo waters and shadows on the posts on a warm afternoon inspired me 

Alpine Retreat

Waking to fresh snowfall, the paints came straight out, a scrap of paper was found and about twenty minutes was spent painting this little scene from the warmth of the chalet.
Been inspired by the seasons and light makes painting such a joy, I hope you've enjoyed my painting time in the Alps this year.

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