Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Autumn Glow painted in Oils

I've been waiting for the leaves to turn to rich shades of Autumn to paint this Woodland scene.
Watching each day, the colours change, knowing they could all blow away or maybe not change at all!
With this been our first Autumn in the Alps, I've not known what to expect.
But wow what colours and it's all happened nearly in a few days.
From Green to Gold to Russet.

So with all this in mind.
Out came the Oils, a square format was decided on.
A new approach using Masking tape to keep the light on the tree bark was applied.
Transparent Colours applied with a brush and then a palette knife.
Music was playing ' Yellow' by Coldplay
Now came the tricky messing bit, removing the tape.

With tape all removed the palette knife came back into play. Opaque colours started to bring the painting together adding lights.
 I wanted to keep a loose approach and not get bogged down in detail but keep bright colours alive and the sparkle of an Autumnal wood.

'Autumn Glow'

Painted in Oils on board 

Inspired by a Wood and Coldplay.

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Jr. Barela said...

Love your work, been following you for a couple of years and just got back to blogger just to see whats up here. Good job!