Monday, 4 November 2013

Canvas or Board

What to paint??  A fleeting moment of light catching the fallen leaves. Quick Oils at the ready.
Do you use the large canvas you have saved for something special or the small board? Why save the canvas, this could be special!! Music on 'James Blunt' will share my afternoon of pure joyful painting. Only a couple of hours before dusk, so we must get cracking. Transparent colours diluted with turps, birds are playful, the Jay flies around.

Stand back and take a look, Gosh where are we going. Good job no one is around,  just me and James singing away. An old cloth comes out and softens the way, branches are scrutinised, colours and form. A little white opaque is added to the mixes. The palette knife plasters it on. A shake of the head.
A remembered technique from a fellow artists blog ' the colour shaper starts to prance around lifting and gliding to the music it's feels like the conductors baton.

Stand back and take a look, it might just be the start of something, a shame dusk has come. Not finished yet, but looking forward to pulling it together.

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