Sunday, 13 October 2013

Winter ride to Col Joux Plane

Winter ride to Col Joux Plane
Painted in Watercolours

The adventurer in me fancied seeing what the snow looked like at the top of the Joux Plane. Most people would probably be happy just imagining the white stuff. I have a annoying habit that needs to see it and be in it, if it's there! So with Number one art critic not too happy about what lay ahead, we set off up the Col.

The first few miles was easy going, getting above 1200 metres and things changed. Into the woods and snow was on the road, a steep 10% incline and the ride became a little tense.It was difficult to turn the VW  round, easier to just head out of the wood.

Through the mist and out into the sunshine. The road improved and we made our way to a Winter wonderland 

With nearly two foot of snow fallen through the night, it was unbelievable and I think not normal for October.

But snow inspiring

Barely a whisper of wind, so reflections at the lake were incredible.And look at the Blue sky

 The mist started rolling in again and the sky looked rather dramatic,we thought better make it back down, safely I can now add.


Di Gainey said...

beautiful Jane

Lakeland art said...

It was spectacular Di x

Studio at the Farm said...

I am glad you decided to get to the top. Your photos are wonderful and the painting is superb!

Lakeland art said...

Thank you Kathryn for your great comments it was good fun seeing the snow this early on.