Thursday, 24 October 2013

Striding Edge Alpine style

A nice easy walk, along a flat plateau with stunning views towards Mont Blanc. A picnic was packed, art gear was popped in the bag and sunshine was ordered.
Leaving the Col Joux Plane we made quick time to the small lake, the map was brought out to be studied.
The compass also made it's first debut, I then thought maybe I should check this walk on the map!

The easy path to the lake is seen on a short breather up the grassy ride. We have lost the easy path by this stage, but the walk is offering stunning views at every stop.

The grassy scramble up the steep incline is over and we have reached a viewpoint across to Mountain peaks  into Switzerland. The scenery becomes breathtaking, as does the walk. I had mentioned at the Lake that the path had 'red dots'on the map which meant a dangerous route, but was told we're not going along there it's an easy walk!

Striding Edge and it's terrifying ridge did not seem that far away at this point. Concentrate Jane and if you have to fall make it the right hand side it's not as steep!

The views are worth it, I kept telling myself with legs becoming jelly like.The wind was whipping up so we didn't pause for long. Nearly there my trusty climber told me.

Round a sheer edge and 'The red dots' came into action! I was told that the wire rope is to guide and aid, not cling and swing on as I did. Why does the wretched thing have to move. You can see the lake below which I can now appreciate I didn't dare look down at this point.

And then we were safe back on a lovely bike flat path heading our way down to the Joux Plane and what a view to walk towards. The colours are stunning at the moment, but I fear that Autumn could be fast and the golden leaves disappear very fast.

Fancy a painting holiday in the French Alps at Samoens with stunning scenery 
and an amazing chalet to stay at

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