Friday, 8 March 2013

Rose Buds and Daisies in watercolour

Rose Buds and Daisies painted in Watercolours

Happy Mums Day xx

Here is the demo piece I painted on Wednesday. I have taken the scissors to it!
Did a little cropping and tried to look at the negative shapes instead of the positive.

The class on Wednesday was a little different,  trying to concentrate on what I find a challenging subject.
Was not helped by no Electric on, an Electrician in and out, catching the easel when he passed by.
He did look slightly bemused at gentleman with hairdryers in hand, but he did not know they were drying their precious paintings.

Next came a school cook banging by on the way to an oven that was pinging to let her know the playschool flapjack was ready. This is all going on while I'm trying to figure out am I using Opera Rose or Permanent Rose and do I mask out the daisies. 

Usually it's all peaceful with just the tinkering of brushes against jam jars full of water.

Sometimes demonstrating does make me smile.

Last week I  had a high up forestry person, walk in on a demo, come and stand at the front  and look at the tree I was painting and asked ' Is this an Ash in Autumn ?
Looking up startled ' No I replied it's a Jane Ash Tree

That got him thinking!


Elvi said...

Questi fiorri sono stupendi

Lakeland art said...

Elvi, grazie per il tuo commento gentile, ho fatto godere dipingere questi fiori

thank you for your kind comment, I did enjoy painting these flowers

Lindis said...

Beautiful and very fresh flower painting. (Lindis)

Lakeland art said...

Lindis, Thank you loads, I'm really pleased you feel it is 'fresh'it was great to paint a different challenging subject