Friday, 22 March 2013

Castlerigg Stone Circle Lying down

I do like to paint the seasons as they are happening, so with fresh winter snow blowing wildly outside.
Castlerigg Stone Circle was captured this week in watercolours. I've had a few visits up there, early morning and late afternoon. All times have been freezing cold, after the first visit I didn't forget my gloves again.
The above photo shows Blencathra resplendent in early morning sunshine. 
Below is looking towards the Helvellyn range, Jason Chambers a photographer friend of mine suggested lying on the floor to capture a great pose, so this pic is taken lying on the frozen ground. 

For painting Castlerigg Stone circle watercolour , I did stand quite comfortably and not lie on the floor but when I see the two scenes together maybe I should try a lying down painting!

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