Thursday, 7 March 2013

A new adventure

I thought I might have a look into the past few years at the same time this week to see what was inspiring me,  where I was, and what the weather was up to

March 2009 Still snow on the fells but I'm managing some en-plein

March 2010 A fantastic trip up to the Scottish Highlands.

March 2011 In the studio with Italian music and cappucino on hand and a bright Poppy and Vines pastel

March 2012 Planning a sketching trip to Samoens, wondering how many sketch pads an artist can have.

It's good to look back I've enjoyed seeing what I was up to.

So what about March 2013?

 I have a big adventure coming up and are planning for it, wondering how many sheets of Arches paper I'm going to need and do I need a new easel? The French dictionary is certainly getting packed

I've always dreamed of living in France for a little while trying out the culture, painting of course and seeing some real seasons.

Samoensin the French Alps is where we are heading for six months, with ideas full of paintings and courses to run there and in the Italian Lakes, I think the blog should be full of Alpine pleasures for you to enjoy

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