Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Stockley Bridge, Lake District

Stage One Stockly Bridge

Painting on stretched Saunders Waterford not paper and using Naples Yellow,Cobalt Violet, Permanent Rose, Manganese Blue, Winsor Blue, Lemon Yellow and Daniel Smith Yellow Ochre. 
Naples Yellow was washed across all of the paper, I find this can help to unify a painting. 
Manganese Blue in the background  helped to create distant cool hues, this semi opaque colour gives interesting granulation when mixed with Cobalt Violet.

After stage one, I decided a trip to the bath was needed and a complete immersion. 
 This is drastic measures but I felt confident that this would soften the background and some of the darks in the wretched bridge! and hoped a masterpiece would magically float to the top of the water

Stockley Bridge

Using the hake brush is ideal for softening watercolour, in the bath!
I then decided to get out the Gouache 
  and added touches of Gouache in a mad wild way, painting in this way can go two ways.
Either straight to the dustbin or in this case saved for tomorrows critique.

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